Tech expert warns of ‘dark web’ perpetuating sexual predators’ behavior

Tech expert warns of ‘dark web’ perpetuating sexual predators’ behavior

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - William Bustillos, III and Joseph Suder are accused child predators. Both facing a slew of charges that could land them in prison for life.

Police say websites where child predators share videos and pictures are part of the problem.

“I’m not going to give those websites out but there are several websites ... where people share those types of images," Lockland Police Sgt. Chris Lynd said during a press conference.

Dave Hatter, FOX19 NOW’s tech expert, said predators start on websites we use every day. Then they link up with people who think like them to learn how to get to the dark web

“It’s really just about learning the apps and technologies which would allow you to tap into that," Hatter said.

Hatter said many child predators hit the dark web so they can go undetected by police.

“They know this stuff is out there, but in many cases it’s hard to track this. The stuff is encrypted," he said. "It’s designed to create a certain level of anonymity and that’s why the bad people flock there and connect with one another.”

Hatter describes the dark web this way: “Web content that is not accessible without special knowledge and special software.”

Software predators use to break up singles and stay off the police radar.

“It will literary break up the data into little pieces and bounce it around servers all over the world before it gets to you,” Hatter said.

But the tech expert also describes the dark web this way.

“There are people selling guns, people selling drugs, sex slavery," he said. "Every single bad thing you can think of is out there on the dark web.”

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