Police: Woman on drugs breaks into Newport home, hides in attic

Police: Woman on drugs breaks into Newport home

NEWPORT, Ky. (FOX19) - A Newport woman is adding additional security in her home because police say a woman broke into her house, then hid when she realized the homeowner was there.

Newport Police say this is the accused intruder: 29-year-old Raeshawn Nicole Comer.

Police say Comer was on drugs when she broke into a home in the 1000 block of Park Avenue in Newport on Sunday.

The victim, who doesn’t want to be identified, says she called police on a report of an intruder.

She said police checked her house and found nothing. But a little while later, she and her friend found Comer in her attic.

Cheri, who’s a friend of the homeowner, showed us a hole in her friend’s bathroom ceiling. The women say Comer tried to bust through the ceiling when she realized her break-in attempt had gone south.

The women called police, and at the same time, closed the bathroom door, blocking Comer inside.

Newport police arrived immediately. The women told us it took officers and their K-9 team 30 minutes to find Comer, who police say climbed back into the ceiling and was hiding in the insulation in the attic.

Cheri doesn’t blame police for missing Comer the first time around, but she wants to get this message out.

“I just want people to know ... trust yourself, contact police, have yourself calm down ... be able to communicate with police and trust your gut," she said.

Newport police say you should always call them in an emergency “no matter what,” especially if “something seems off.” They’re also reminding people to secure their homes, pet doors and cars.

Comer is held on no bond in the Campbell County Jail. She’s due in court on Tuesday.

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