‘I want my ------- weed back!’: Man calls police to try to get his pot back

Updated: Sep. 5, 2019 at 5:24 AM EDT
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SHARONVILLE, Ohio (FOX19) - It appears some people may have gotten the wrong message when it comes to whether or not you are legally allowed to have a small amount of marijuana.

The Sharonville Police Department posted a phone call to Facebook that they received Tuesday.

As a result of a recent complaint, the post says, there seems to be a misconception about the use and possession of marijuana.

“We feel that some people may be a bit in the weeds so we would like to take this opportunity to clear the haze,” the post reads.

The man on the call says two officers stole his ‘expletive’ weed and he wants it back.

He tries to tell police dispatch that it’s legal to have 100 grams of marijuana and that he only had four grams.

The man was staying at a hotel and officers were called there for a noise complaint.

Police edited the audio to protect the identify of the caller. You can listen to the full call above - trust us, you’ll want to listen!

Sharonville police say they want people to know recreational marijuana is still illegal per state law.

Perhaps the caller was confused about Cincinnati’s new ordinance that decriminalizes up to 100 grams of marijuana for recreational use in the city.

The measure was passed by City Council in June and went into effect in July.

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