Man accuses police of stealing his weed... and his dinner

Man accuses police of stealing his weed... and his dinner

SHARONVILLE, Ohio (FOX19)- A man who accused Sharonville police of stealing his marijuana also accused officers of stealing his food.

The man called police on Aug. 25 to say that two officers stole his weed and he wanted it back.

"It was only like four grams but it was like, you know, prestigious f*****g weed. And the mother******s took it. And from what I know, 100 grams is cool. Right? Or am I wrong?” he said.

“That small possession of marijuana, he claimed to be four grams, he legitimately thought that that was okay and that police should not seize that from his wife,” Sgt. Mark Dudleson said.

FOX19 NOW spoke with the sergeant who took both calls the man placed and says while the situation has been comical for some, his problems were taken very seriously by the department.

“The weed, you know, I can kind of even understand. You know, it was four grams. The reason they took it is because it was really f*****g good weed but then they f*****g take my dinner,” the caller said.

This is the second call placed to supervisors in Sharonville by a man whose wife was arrested on open warrants. Officers found marijuana in her purse that belonged to him.

“I’m not dropping this. You guys stole my f*****g Red Lobster for Christ sake and then smile at us like ‘Tell it to the judge, hahaha,’” the caller said.

“There’s some strains of marijuana that are called pretty crazy things so I didn’t really know what they were talking about but then in the conversation you can hear that he legitimately is complaining that now two Sharonville officers stole his Red Lobster. Specifically his Cajun pasta,” Sgt. Dudleson said.

Believe it or not, Sharonville police took a serious look into the case of the ‘stolen’ weed and Red Lobster.

“Yo, it wasn’t a doggie bag, we got it to go. It was a fresh meal of Cajun f*****g pasta," the caller said.

“Even if they are outlandish, we will look into what he is claiming against us. Period! He’s a citizen, he’s claiming some kind of wrongdoing by the police so we’re automatically into search mode,” Sgt. Dudleson said.

According to Sgt. Dudleson, the caller’s wife had the Cajun pasta with her when she was arrested by Springdale officers.

They asked her what they should do with the pasta and she told them to pitch it.

A supervisor later met up with the caller, explained the Ohio Revised Code as it pertains to prestige weed, and what happened to his pasta.

Sgt. Dudleson tells FOX19 NOW he wants people to know that even if they don’t come down to file a formal complaint, the police will investigate any and all alleged misconduct by their officers. In this case though, the officers have been cleared.

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