Caregiver arrested, accused of throwing hot water on person who requires round the clock care

Police say the caregiver has been caring for the victim for 11 years.

Caregiver arrested, investigation underway

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - North College Hill Police say they were called to Active Day, an adult daycare center in Mount Healthy, Aug. 19 due to reports of a member with injuries.

Employees say they discovered some ‘concerning injuries’ to one of their members, who police say is a 34-year-old woman, who requires around the clock care.

The incident happened in the 1600 block of Norcol Lane in North College Hill.

According to police, the victim had multiple injuries that included blisters and bruising.

Police say the victim told them her care giver, 50-year-old Karen Taylor, threw a cup of water at her because they were fighting.

That caused blisters to the her neck.

Police also say a doctor confirmed this caused the burns on the victim.

The 34-year-old had several bruises on her body and a small abrasion on her back, photos from police show.

“The two ladies who live with the victim, they both basically without hesitation named the suspect and gave us a description of what she did and how she did it," North College Hill Police Detective Detective Craig Chaney said.

Police also say the victim told them Karen Taylor has been her caregiver for 11 years.

Taylor is now facing a felonious assault charge.

Also according to the police report, another person who lives in the home told authorities the water was poured on the victim as she sat on the floor.

They also said Taylor would grab the victim's leg and bend it back causing her to "scream out in pain."

Taylor denied the allegations against her, according to police.

“It’s difficult, as an investigator your heart goes out to someone who can’t defend themselves,” Chaney said.

According to court documents Taylor is set to be arraigned in court on Tuesday morning.

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