Women shares her story after she says former boyfriend abused her

Woman says she was assaulted by her ex

UPDATE: Florence police say Kareem Basit was arrested Wednesday in Grant County.

Original story below:

FLORENCE, Ky. (FOX19) - A woman is speaking out after she says a man she once loved attacked her.

It all started on Monday when Sam Mcintosh said she got a call while at work alerting her that a window at her apartment had been busted out.

Nothing was taken and she says she has no idea who did it.

She decided to have one of her girlfriends stay the night just to be safe.

She experienced no problems overnight, but around 7 a.m. on Tuesday, that changed when Mcintosh said her former boyfriend was determined to get to her.

Right now, police say they have a warrant our for his arrest.

“The window was broken out, so he just came through the window," Mcintosh said. "Whenever he came he started banging on the bathroom door.”

That’s where Mcintosh said she and her friend tried to take cover.

Mcintosh said she eventually opened the door and asked him to please leave, but she said he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“He then proceeds to just slap me in the face," Mcintosh said. "He slapped my head into the door frame of the bathroom, so I start walking to the apartment door so I could just get out and run to safety. Then he starts punching me in the face right on the inside of my apartment door, starts kicking me and I fall to the ground and I just covering my facing trying to keep my face as protected as possible.”

Mcintosh said after he assaulted her, he ran out.

Florence police were called and responded.

Mcintosh says she had about a five-hour hospital stay after receiving multiple injuries.

Her lip was busted, she has a mark on the side of her head from his shoe, her nose was bleeding and she said he left a knot on her forehead.

“It happened very quickly and very suddenly just because I didn’t want him there," Mcintosh said.

Mcintosh said she’s thankful to be alive and more than anything she says she wants this man to pay for what he did so she can feel safe again.

Florence police also told FOX19 NOW a detective will be looking into this.

They say they tried to find the suspect while on scene, but he was gone by the time they got there.

If you know anything about the suspect, Florence police ask that you call them at (859) 647-5420.

If you’re dealing with domestic violence and need a place to turn, below is a list of a few resources available:

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-779-7233
  • Women Helping Women: A nonprofit that aims to help survivors of gender-based violence
  • Ohio Domestic Violence Network: An organization whose mission is to strengthen Ohio’s response to domestic violence reports.

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