Fairfield ordinance: Dog owners would need liability insurance

Fairfield dog liability insurance

FAIRFIELD, Ohio (FOX19) - A new ordinance currently under review by Fairfield City Council is designed to protect people from dog attacks, but it will come at a high price to dog owners.

The ordinance would require dog owners to buy liability insurance for their dogs. That coverage would need to cover up to $10,000.

The idea is to prevent dog attacks from happening. But some are saying $10,000 isn’t realistic — especially for those whose dogs they believe don’t pose a risk.

“For some folks it may not impact them very much, it might be something as a matter of putting an addendum on their homeowners insurance, but some folks, that are fixed income, and they can’t afford any extra expenses like this,” said Hamilton resident Katherine Hartung, who is also a dog foster.

Advocates of the ordinance point out that a person who would be able to afford that amount of coverage would also be able to provide a good home, shelter, and care for a dog and responsible ownership.

But opponents like Hartung still say that it’s unfair.

“If a person’s dog bit your dog or whatever, you can file a civil suit up to $6,000 in a court,” Hartung said. “I mean, there’s other ways to handle this than to impose a liability insurance for all of your residents across the board."

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