Family continues search for missing Covington man

Search continues for missing Covington man

COVINGTON, Ky. (FOX19) - A mother said she is searching every inch of Covington hoping to find her son who was reported missing during the first week of September.

Rosey Jackson said as each day passes without any word from her son, she begins to unravel a bit more knowing that he could be in danger.

“It’s like a nightmare you can’t wake up from,” she said.

Jackson said on Friday, Sept. 6, her 32-year-old son Jeremy Powell woke up early to go to the Kenton County Courthouse to have an ID card made. He never returned home.

“Somebody had seen him get on the bus. I don’t know if he made it to go get his ID,” Jackson said.

She said the family grew even more concerned when Powell didn’t show up at his ex-girlfriend’s house to pick up his five children, who Jackson said mean the world to Powell.

“His oldest one is 14 and she’s like really tight with him, and he would never lie to her about anything, and she hasn’t heard a peep from him," she said.

Jackson admits that her son has struggled with heroin addiction. However, she says that he became sober after he was sent to jail. She said he was recently released and was ready to get his life in order.

“I don’t care how high the boy was. He was always at home," she said. "He’s never disappeared ever.”

For the past six days, Jackson has walked the streets of Covington hoping to find any sign of her boy.

“Maybe he could be found in a ditch. Maybe he’s bumped his head and he don’t know who he is," she said. “I mean there’s no explanation why he wouldn’t call me or his daughter.”

Right now, she is holding on to hope that her son will be found soon. In the meantime, she’s trying to stay strong for his children.

She said not knowing when or if he’ll come back makes her break down even more.

“I can’t say he’s alive. You don’t know. these are the thoughts that run through my head," Jackson said.

Jackson tells us that she has posted his pictures in the Covington and Bellevue area and has also shared flyers online.

If you have seen Powell or know of his whereabouts, call Covington police at (859) 356-3191.

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