Communities to Cincinnati: Move your police firing range

Communities to Cincinnati: Move your police firing range
The mayors of Lincoln Heights, Woodlawn and Lockland want Cincinnati to move their firing range out of their area. (Source: Cincinnati Police Target Range Facebook page)

EVENDALE, Ohio (FOX19) - Leaders in three local communities want to meet with Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley to discuss “chronic problems” with Cincinnati police’s firing range and they want it moved out of their area.

“Our immediate need and the collective task is simple: Eliminate or drastically reduce Firing Range noise!” reads a letter sent July 15 to Cranley from Lincoln Heights Mayor Ruby Kinsey-Mumphrey, Woodlawn Vice Mayor Brian Poole and Lockland Mayor Mark Mason.

Cincinnati’s firing range has been located off Spartan Drive in Evendale for 70 years, according to their letter.

“The most troubling aspect of the range is the noise generated by the discharge of high-powered, rapid-fire weaponry in an outdoor setting,” reads their letter, which is copied to mayors in Evendale, Glendale, Reading, and Wyoming.

“Several thousand residents live within a 2-mile radius of the Range with homes as close at 400+/-feet away. The constant ringing of bullet round throughout the Valley creates a “war zone” atmosphere for residents and businesses. Gunfire is a common backdrop for our children through their daily activities. Such a setting undisputedly damages social, physical and psychological well-being.”

It also hampers the communities’ ability to attract and retain residents and businesses, the letter states.

“Consequently, our communities will continue to suffer, our property values will continue to decline, with no hope for future growth, progress or prosperity, so long as the Range permits outdoor shooting," the mayors wrote.

“We recognize and appreciate the need for police training. However, all businesses, including local governments, are expected to keep noise to a minimum. We assert that the decibel levels generated by Range shooting far exceed any acceptable standards for a business abutting the residential property. There are multitudes of ways noise reduction can be achieved.

“Although noise reduction will greatly improve the quality of life for our communities, we also ask that Cincinnati consider repurposing the site, adding true value to our entire region. A redevelopment plan that includes a combination of professional offices, manufacturing, facilities and/or greenspace will create job opportunities and provide a healthier and safer environment for everyone to live, work and play.

“We understand transformation takes time and investment. We also know you share our values and expectations of safety and prosperity. The Range has enjoyed 70 years in a location that is no longer suitable for it. We look forward to meeting with you and Council to help craft a new vision and future for the Range site.”

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