Lights of Hope event aims to help loved ones of those struggling with addiction

Lights of Hope event offers support to drug addicts

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - People whose lives have been touched by addiction gathered at Stanberry Park Sunday for an evening of raising awareness about addiction.

The second annual Lights of Hope event featured resources for people who were looking to gather information about addiction, and what they can do to help their loved ones who are suffering from it.

Christopher Skinner is the founder of Rockstar Recovery, a Facebook group aimed at helping addicts. His group was one of the many resources available to people at Lights of Hope.

“We make sure we do everything we can to get people that help," Skinner said. "After that part is established, there shouldn’t be any more blockades on getting help. We just kind of connect people.”

Event organizer Patty Reed said she felt she needed to do something after addiction hit close to home.

“My next door neighbor lost their child," Reed said. “The reason we have it here is he died here in this park.”

At least half-dozen local groups joined Patty in her mission to save lives.

They shared information on where to get help. One table even handed out Narcan packets.

Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan was also there. Synan has a seat on the board of the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition.

“There’s no shame, there’s no guilt. You’re part of the community," Synan said. “That’s what we’re trying to do — humanize addiction. It’s always someone’s brother, sister, daughter, son.”

At the end of the night, participants were part of a candlelight vigil. They honored the addicts currently fighting and those who’ve lost their battle.

“Addiction knows no religion, race — it affects everyone," Reed said. "If you don’t think you’ve been touched, you’re wrong. It’s there.”

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