3 Ohio Senate bills look to toughen gun laws

Bills are only in committee hearings, will have a tough road to governor’s desk.
Firearms for sale at a local gun shop.
Firearms for sale at a local gun shop.((Source: KLTV))
Updated: Sep. 17, 2019 at 3:20 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -In the wake of the Dayton mass shooting three Senate bills (SB) have been introduced in Columbus.

The first committee hearings for SB 182, SB 183 and SB 184 were help Tuesday.

While the bills have both a democrat and republican sponsor, the path to the governor’s desk must travel through an Ohio house that is overwhelmingly republican.

SB 182- This bills main goal is to raise the age to purchase a firearm in the state of Ohio to 21, instead of 18. The bill would also increase the penalty to anyone caught selling or providing a firearm to someone underage of 21 could be charge. If passed it would go from a felony of the fifth degree, to a third degree felony.

SB 183- This bills goal is to make sure the sale of a firearm always includes a background check. Gun dealers and shops already follow this provision but the new bill is aimed at private sellers, or people who use online market places. Any unlicensed person trying to transfer, or sell a gun to another unlicensed person would have to do so through a federally licensed gun dealer. There is language in the bill that says no background checks, or transfers of title have to be done if a gun is being loaned out at a gun, or shooting range or while hunting.

SB 184- This bill concerns a court’s right to confiscate a person’s guns who may be a harm to themselves or others. Also known as “Red Flag Laws” this bill also deals with what it calls extreme risk protection orders.

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