Caught on camera: Thieves target same North College Hill family multiple times

Thieves target same North College Hill family multiple times

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A North College Hill family is speaking out after they say their home has been targeted by thieves multiple times in the last month.

“I’m 9-months pregnant and the house was ready for a new baby and then suddenly now I have a random human walking through my house, touching my things, touching my babies things,” Laura Kuhlenberg said.

Kuhlenberg told FOX19NOW she filed a report with the North College Hill Police Department after discovering her home was burglarized on Aug. 27.

“I could barely get in the front door because everything that was in front of the front door was from my living room, trashed. So, my house had been robbed,” Kuhlenberg said.

She says thieves got away with cash, jewelry and the key fobs to their car. Kuhlenberg believes a man caught by cameras trying to get into their car three weeks later can be seen holding the same key fob.

“It’s a sense of safety that is lost that you can’t get back. I mean, you can buy anything else but you can’t buy your sense of safety and security inside your own home,” Kuhlenberg said.

The initial home burglary is odd for the family because it happened in broad daylight and the suspect was allegedly talking to their Alexa smart home speaker during the act.

“He played with the Amazon Alexa so he had music going while he was robbing us," Kuhlenberg said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the North College Hill Police Department.

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