Former Warren Co. inmate found not guilty of killing shelter companion dog

Jury: Accused dog killer 'not guilty'

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A former Warren Correctional inmate was found not guilty of killing a therapy dog in his cell.

Former Warren County Correctional inmate Benjamin Holliday was charged for killing a dog visiting the prison through a program that allowed inmates to help train rescue animals.

Animal rescue Joseph’s Legacy said Holliday killed their dog Evie in Aug. 2018 while in his prison cell.

“We feel deflated. All of us. We’ve been here for two days and most of us felt very confident because the evidence was given. I mean... it was in the bag,” Meg Melampy with Joseph’s Legacy said.

Holliday was brought to court in Warren County from Toledo where he is serving time on a robbery and burglary conviction.

While he was housed at the Warren Correctional Institution, Joseph’s Legacy brought 4-year-old Evie to the prison for a program designed to help trusted inmates.

A necropsy showed Evie died from blunt force trauma to her abdomen causing her liver to hemmorage.

The defense brought a Warren Correctional officer to the stand who says she trusted her dogs to Holliday’s care when she went on vacation.

“Who kept your dogs for you that entire week," the officer was asked.

“Inmate Holliday,” she responded.

Holliday’s brother says they had several pets growing up and says he’s never seen him mistreat or do anything inappropriate with an animal.

The defense claimed that Holliday tried to revive Evie when he found her not moving by performing CPR and giving the dog mouth to nose resuscitation.

“He’s watched tens of dogs while he’s been a Warren Correctional... never a complaint, never a problem," defense attorney Ben Swift said.

However, the prosecution focused on Holliday’s testimony telling a fellow inmate he snapped.

Joseph’s Legacy removed all dogs from the program and said they would not partner with Warren County Correctional Institution again.

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