Westwood resident wants stolen dog back home

Burglar stole dog from Westwood home

WESTWOOD, Ohio (FOX19) - A Westwood woman is making a plea to a thief that broke into her home and stole her dog to bring Toby home.

Claudette Davis said Toby is a service dog and she bought him after she lost her son.

District 3 police have been working on this case, but so far there are not any new leads.

“Who can be that cruel to walk in someone’s house and violate them like and take it?" Davis said.

Davis said she was moving from her house in the 300 block of Westknolls Lane when she stepped out during the afternoon on Sept. 9.

She says someone forced their way inside and stole Toby.

“Somebody was watching my behavior and I believe that’s how they knew when to get him with me in and out," Davis said.

Toby was stolen from a Westwood residence last week,
Toby was stolen from a Westwood residence last week, (Source: (Photo provided))

She says that she never leaves him outside.

“He doesn’t even walk on a leash. He’s 10-months-old. He doesn’t walk on a leash because I carry him everywhere I go. All through the neighborhood. Everybody knows him through the neighborhood," Davis said.

She says her Pomeranian wasn’t just a pet - he was more like a child and the only thing that has brought her peace since losing her son to a heart condition.

“The only thing that gave me relief was having Toby. He could even tell when I had bad days. He would just hang under me," Davis said.

Now she is pleading for whoever has her dog to return him with no questions asked. She says she won’t even press charges.

“If you got him just bring him home. If you don’t bring him home just don’t hurt him. He isn’t nothing but four pounds. He don’t eat everything and I’m afraid he’ll starve to death," Davis said.

If you have any information you are asked to contact Cincinnati Police.

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