Woman reports ‘suspicious’ van she says followed her, her family in Lebanon park

Suspicious van spotted at Lebanon park

LEBANON, Ohio (FOX19) - A woman and her daughter have been in contact with police after they say they were followed by a van in a Lebanon park Monday.

The woman, who wishes that she and her family remain anonymous, said around 1 p.m. within five minutes of arriving at Colonial Park, a van she describes as suspicious appeared — and something just didn’t feel right.

“He wasn’t parked, he was just kind of on the side here," she said. “I didn’t think anything until he rolled down his window and was staring for a couple minutes. That’s when I started getting that funny feeling.”

The woman said the van stayed around a while, and the person inside never got out, but drove around apparently following them. She said she became even more suspicious, and that’s when she and her oldest niece decided it might be a good idea to leave the park.

At one point she said they thought the van might have left. But it was still there.

“He was hiding behind the fence line back by the trees and kind of hidden, so I said okay no, we are leaving our stuff and we are going to head home," she said.

After coming home, they called the police. While on the phone with the police, the woman said she saw the van through the window drive past her house — twice.

“My advice to everybody [is] always be aware of your surroundings because if I wouldn’t have noticed this man driving around, I don’t know what his intentions were," she said. "I am just glad I was able to get away when I did and everybody was safe.”

Lebanon police told FOX19 NOW officers responded and checked the area, but did not locate the van or the person inside.

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