CPS parents voice concerns after BB gun found in elementary school

BB gun found in elementary school

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati Public School officials discovered a student brought a BB gun to Rothenberg Prep on Wednesday and parents are taking issue with how they were informed.

“What if it was a real gun and they [tipsters] just said it was a BB gun,” Rothenberg mother Rochelle Roe said. “I feel the school should have been shut down, all the parents should have been notified immediately. That was a serious incident.”

CPS Chief Communications and Engagement Officer Lauren Worley said in an email to FOX19 NOW: “If we felt their children were in immediate danger of any kind, the school would have been placed on lock down and they would have been contacted at that time.”

Roe is the mother of two Rothenberg Prep students and was upset after receiving just a backpack letter that was sent home with her son the day after the incident.

“I know there’s a lot of people on Facebook said they just found out about it. There’s a lot of upset parents about it,” Roe said. "There’s probably a lot of parents that never received it because they looking, you know, you give it to a child to give to their parent… you as an adult should have gave me this.”

Worley’s email to FOX19 NOW went on to say: “We provided information about this incident [Thursday] at the end of the school day to families via backpack letter and robocall. Generally speaking, backpack letters are actually the fastest communication method; many families do not regularly use e-mail or answer our robocall messages.”

The student responsible for bringing the weapon to school has been identified and will be punished in accordance with the CPS Code of Conduct, according to district officials.

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