Two sisters sentenced to 1 year in jail for property rental scam

Sisters sentenced for property rental scam

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Two sisters will spend one year behind bars following sentencing for an apartment rental scam.

Judge Jody Leubbers says Shemaya and Shaniqua Larkin advertised properties that were not theirs to rent on Craigslist and took deposits from eight victims.

The women told people to drop the rental deposits off at their mother’s home, but they say she was not involved in the scam.

They were both charged with multiple counts of theft and telecommunications fraud.

“Most of the people were suffering, down on their luck and trying to find a place for their families to live,” Assistant Prosecutor Andrew Berghausen said.

The sisters apologized in court Thursday and told the judge the $6,000 they stole from the victims is gone.

The judge asked them if they reached out to the victims to pay them back and the sisters said no.

“There’s a man who served his country. He did it for me and for you. And you took preyed upon him, took his money. You don’t have any remorse. You did this eight times over and over again and told the same story. I’d send you to prison if I could, but the law will not allow me," Judge Leubbers said.

In the end, the sisters got one year each in jail and probation for three years. They must pay back everything owed to the eight victims.

They were also ordered to enter a “thinking for change program.”

The sisters were not ordered to pay court costs. The judge said she wants that money to go to the victims.

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