Newport Aquarium finds boy who mailed $5 to help animals

Newport Aquarium finds boy who mailed $5 to help animals
A young boy from the Celina area mailed $5 to the Newport Aquarium to ‘help,’ and now the aquarium wants to find and thank him. (Source: WAVE Foundation)

NEWPORT, Ky. (FOX19) - A boy from the Celina area who mailed $5 to the Newport Aquarium to ‘help’ was identified just a few days after the aquarium put out the word to try to find him.

The WAVE Foundation posted on Facebook last Thursday that they received a letter with a zip code listed, but no return address from a young child named Tyler. Inside was a handwritten letter that said, “I am donate my money to help your animals. It may not be much but I want to help. Thank, Tyler," with a $5 enclosed.

Nonprofit aquarium partner WAVE wanted to meet Tyler to thank him and his family properly.

Turns out, Tyler’s teacher saw the letter WAVE received and recognized his signature.

He’s a second-grade student who visited Newport Aquarium over the summer and wanted to help the animals he saw, and that’s how he decided to donate.

WAVE says Tyler’s family would like to remain anonymous but wanted to share that they are so incredibly proud of him.

The foundation said they would match Tyler’s donation with a $5,000 donation to support shark, African penguin, or sea turtle conservation.

He’s decided to donate the $5,000 match to African penguin conservation.

Tyler! Where are you? We are on the hunt for Tyler from Celina, Ohio to say a heartfelt thank you for giving their...

Posted by WAVE Foundation on Thursday, September 19, 2019

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