Paige Johnson: Family searches for answers in her disappearance

Family searches for answers about missing woman 9 years later

COVINGTON, Ky. (FOX19) - What happened to Paige Johnson?

That’s the question the Northern Kentucky woman’s family is still asking, and they gathered at Devou Park Sunday like they do every year to honor Johnson and push for answers in her case.

Johnson went missing nine years ago. Now, there’s a renewed effort to find out what happened to her.

There are stickers Paige’s cousin Alicen Franks had them made with Johnson’s face all over them.

“We need you to put them everywhere," Franks said. “In a bathroom stall, poles, streets, through Covington, Cincinnati."

Johnson was last seen on Sept. 23, 2010, when her friend Jacob Bumpass said he dropped her off at 15th and Scott streets in Covington.

However, despite search efforts, Johnson hasn’t been seen or heard from since that day.

Her family says they know there are people who know what happened to her. They say need those people to come forward.

“I know people have been afraid or feel like they’ve been threatened, but what you can do is go to [] Look at the facts on there," Franks said. "If you see something missing, you can call anonymously.”

According to detectives, there will be a case review in 2020 “to examine new leads and look into new technology to test evidence.”

Until then, Johnson’s family and friends continue their search for answers.

“I keep wondering how many more years will I stand here and say the same thing? Please tell me where my daughter is, please call in a tip," Johnson’s mother Donna said.

Johnson’s family says they are “so close” to solving her case.

Family members recommend if you have a tip, you can leave it anonymously by calling 1-800-THE-LOST, or you can call Covington police at (859) 292-2222.

You can also go to the website dedicated to finding Paige Johnson for new, updated information on her case.

“Neither police nor prosecutors have given up on finding Paige," said Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders.

"The trail goes hot and cold but we are always on the case. We’ll never give up till her family has closure and justice is served.”

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