Marty Brennaman’s final call Thursday could be subject to blackout

Marty Brennaman’s final call Thursday could be subject to blackout
Longtime voice of the Cincinnati Reds Marty Brennaman announced his retirement Wednesday afternoon. (Source: GREGORY RUST)

CINCINNATI (CINCINNATI ENQUIRER) - Fans of the Cincinnati Reds and long-time radio play-by-play voice Marty Brennaman will be treated Thursday on MLB Network during his final game in the broadcast booth to FOX Sports Ohio’s video broadcast accompanied by Brennaman’s audio call of the game from 700 WLW, as reported via Twitter on Tuesday afternoon by The Enquirer’s Bobby Nightengale.

Except - as of early Wednesday morning - for those in areas subject to local blackout.

Per MLB Blackout Policy, all live games are blacked out in each applicable club's home television territory.’s Mark Sheldon confirmed via Twitter during Tuesday night’s loss to the Milwaukee Brewers that Thursday’s game is subject to local blackout.

FOX Sports Ohio's Jim Day said during post-game remarks that FSO will simulcast the ninth-inning call of Marty to end his career in addition to the on-field "Marty Party" - emceed by Day - after the game.

In other words, those subject to local blackout can watch Thursday's game on FOX Sports Ohio instead of MLB Network. But they'll only get Marty Brennaman's audio in the ninth inning.

For the first eight innings - if you’re in an area subject to blackout - you’ll be using the handheld radio with earbuds that the Reds will give to the first 20,000 fans in attendance at Great American Ball Park - or some other device - to listen to Marty’s final broadcast. And keep in mind you might have a delay between audio and video of several seconds if watching on TV.

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