Family of man killed during Adams Co. crime spree calls him a hero

Three dead, including suspect, following shooting, chase, fire

Family of Adams Co. 'hero' shares story

ADAMS COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - The family of a delivery truck driver who was killed in a cross-county crime spree believes he died a hero.

Andrew Kunst was killed in Adams County on Friday morning during an attempted abduction.

Investigators are still trying to put all of the pieces together. They say the events that took place that day ended with three people dead, including the suspect, 44-year-old Brandon Carter.

Deputies said it started with an attempted abduction and shooting, which led to a chase and a crash. Eventually, officials ended up at Carter’s home where someone was dead inside the house that had been set on fire.

Carter, deputies said, shot and killed 49-year-old Kunst at a Marathon gas station in Adams County.

Kunst’s niece, Taya Fritz, said her uncle, a delivery driver, was dropping items off at the business that morning. She says Kunst took action when he noticed Carter inside the store, acting suspiciously around the clerk.

“He knew that girl [clerk] was in danger. Something ain’t right, and he tried to approach the guy like ‘hey what’s going on,’ you know what I mean, and from what I understand, he had a Coke in his hand, like a can of Coke, he dropped it, and then he pointed the gun,” Fritz said.

Kunst’s loved ones believe he did what he could to give the clerk, a total stranger, a chance to run off.

“He saved her life, you know," Fritz said.

Carter, deputies say, took Kunst’s life, then turned his attention back to the clerk he was trying to kidnap. Investigators said she was also shot, but ultimately got away.

“She has to go through surgeries, and my prayers are out to that family too," Fritz said.

Kunst’s relatives are devastated by the loss, calling him a kind-hearted person who could talk to anyone.

The Grayson, Kentucky man leaves behind a wife and kids.

In Kunst’s family’s eyes, he will live on forever in their hearts as a hero. It even says so in his obituary: “Andrew Louis Kunst, 49, of Grayson, KY, died valiantly disrupting an abduction he unexpectedly encountered in Seaman, OH on Friday, September 27, 2019.”

Adams County deputies say state officials are now reviewing video footage from the gas station to figure out exactly what happened.

They also said the clerk is still in the hospital fighting for her life.

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