Fire Alert issued for Hamilton County parks

Fire Alert issued for Hamilton County parks

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Fire Alert is in place at Great Parks of Hamilton County due to the current drought conditions.

Officials say the extremely dry conditions increase the risk of accidental fire.

Great Parks Rangers want parkgoers to use extra caution when building campfires within fire rings and using grills in picnic areas.

Fire Alert signs are being posted at park entrances to let people know about the fire risk.

If drought conditions worsen, officials say they may need to restrict campfires in Hamilton Co. parks.

The Fire Alert will remain in effect until conditions improve.

Several counties in the Tri-State have burn bans in place due to the drought. They include:

  • Boone Co., Ky.
    • Exceptions to the burn ban are fires lit and maintained in a grill for the purpose of food preparation. Bonfires or ceremonial campfires of no more than five feet by five feet in size may be conducted by organized and recognized community, charitable or religious groups provided that the local fire department is notified. The use of legal fireworks in accordance with all applicable statutes and ordinances is not included in the ban.
  • Grant Co., Ky.
    • All outdoor burning in Grant Co. is prohibited until the burn bank proclamation is rescinded.
  • Dearborn Co., Ind.
    • Burn ban until further notice. Campfires are prohibited unless they are enclosed in a fire ring measuring at least 23 inches in diameter and 10 inches or more in height. Open burning of any kind using wood or any combustible matter is prohibited, with the exception of cooking grills fueled by charcoal briquettes or propane gas. In addition, open burning of any type of debris, with the exception of burning barrels with a 1/4 inch mesh top, is prohibited from dawn to dusk.
  • Ripley Co., Ind.
    • Campfires and other recreational fires are banned. Open burning of any kind using conventional fuel such as wood, with the exception of grills fueled by charcoal briquettes or propane, is not permitted along with the burning of debris. The ban also covers the use of burn barrels for any open burning at residential buildings. The personal use of fireworks should be limited to those that do not leave the ground.

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