Covington’s Roebling Murals off-limits until 2020

Covington’s Roebling Murals off-limits until 2020
Covington's riverfront murals (Source: City of Covington)

COVINGTON, Ky. (FOX19) - Visitors to Covington’s riverfront have enjoyed close-up access to The Roebling Murals since their creation in 2002.

But no longer—at least, not for a while.

The murals, which decorate 18 panels on the Covington floodwall and chronicle the river locale’s history from 800 BC to the present, are temporarily off-limits due to sidewalk construction, says the City of Covington.

The work is part of Riverfront Commons, an 11.5-mile walking and biking path that aims to connect Ludlow to Fort Thomas. The project’s current phase—phase II—will see Covington create new concrete paths, a cobblestone pier, upgraded overlooks, a 1,350-seat amphitheater, and a redesigned cul-de-sac at the foot of Greenup Street.

Phase II carries a $6.5 million price tag, with part of the money coming from federal grants.

Covington officials expect the work to be finished—and mural access to re-open—in fall 2020.

“With the site filled with construction vehicles and workers and dangerous equipment, we need to protect both visitors and the workers, as well as limit the interference with the construction,” Covington City Manager David Johnston said. “We appreciate people’s patience, because the new riverfront will be stunning.”

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