Samuel Little confesses to third Greater Cincinnati murder

Samuel Little confesses to third Greater Cincinnati murder
Samuel Little (Source: Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Samuel Little may have murdered a third woman in Greater Cincinnati.

The FBI released a confession tape Sunday in which the 79-year-old serial killer claims to have picked up a girl in Columbus, driven her to a hilly park in Covington, killed her, and then left her body by the side of the road before driving away.

The tape’s release comes 44 days after Little pleaded guilty in Hamilton County Court to killing two women in Cincinnati.

The first victim, Anna Stewart, was found strangled in Grove City in October 1981.

Police have not been able to identify the second victim and refer to her as Jane Doe.

Little appeared in court via teleconference from a state prison in California where he’s serving multiple life sentences. He also has life sentences to be served from convictions in Texas—and now from Cincinnati too.

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Little has confessed to 93 murders occurring between 1970 and 2005, most of them women, often by strangulation.

The FBI has verified 50 of those murders, making him the most prolific serial killer in US history, the bureau said.

Many of his victims’ deaths were originally ruled overdoses or attributed to accidental or undetermined causes. Some bodies were never found.

“For many years, Samuel Little believed he would not be caught because he thought no one was accounting for his victims,” said ViCAP Crime Analyst Christie Palazzolo. “Even though he is already in prison, the FBI believes it is important to seek justice for each victim—to close every case possible.”

That now includes the Covington murder.

In the confession tape, Little recalls with calm, chilling frankness how he picked up a 25-year-old girl sporting dishwater-blonde hair “a little over ear length.” He then describes their approach to the park in his car.

“Winding around… they got hills out in Kentucky, and the road winds around the hills,” Little says. “I seen a little short road going up the hill. And up top, there was, uh, vegetation. There wasn’t no houses or nothing. So I pulled up in there and concealed the car in that little vegetation up there on top of the hill.”

The questioner asks what kind of road it was.

“It was… it was like a dirt road,” Little remembers. “It was like dirt. The grass was growing in the middle between two tracks. When I left her up in there, in that little road up there, on the side of the road, she was like partially concealed by the vegetation. I left her.”

Kenton County prosecutor Rob Sanders says Covington Police have begun investigating Little’s claims, but so far they have found neither a body nor a missing persons report to match his description.

“He could be talking about Devou Park, but then again he could be talking about a million other places,” Sanders said. “It’s impossible to know.”

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