Say hello to Harley, UC’s new bomb-sniffing dog

Say hello to Harley, UC’s new bomb-sniffing dog
The University of Cincinnati Police Division's new bomb-sniffing dog, Harley (Source: UCPD)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - On Tuesday, University of Cincinnati Police Division officials introduced Harley, the division’s new explosive-detection K-9.

Harley is among the first female explosive-detection K-9s in the region.

Her human handler, Officer Lori Cronin, carries a similar distinction.

Cronin has worked for UCPD since 2005—and as of Tuesday, she’s the first woman to handle an explosive-detection K9 in greater Cincinnati.

Now she and her police pooch are off to work, including campus patrols, building sweeps and the odd helping paw they’ll lend to UCPD’s local law enforcement partners.

Funding for UC’s K-9 program comes in part from the Matt Haverkamp Foundation.

Established in 2005 following the death of K-9 officer Matt Haverkamp, the foundation has funded several K-9 cadets since its inception, including Harley.

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