Warren County dad bikes across Ohio to raise awareness for rare skin disease

Biking for Evelyn: Dad bikes across Ohio for awareness

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Waynesville man will bike from Cincinnati to Sandusky beginning Friday to raise awareness for his daughter’s rare skin disease.

Five-year-old Evelyn Behymer likes to ride her bike just like her dad, Kyle Behymer. Kyle is gearing up for a weekend bike ride across the state of Ohio. The total ride is about 220 miles.

He hopes the bike ride will raise money for the condition called congenital melanocytic Nevus.

“What it basically is is a giant birthmark,” explains Behymer. “It’s like a giant mole and it’s not something you can tell before your child is born, so it’s a complete surprise. And actually when my daughter Evelyn was born, none of the nurses or doctors in the room knew what it was.”

Evelyn Behymer was born with congenital melanocytic Nevus.
Evelyn Behymer was born with congenital melanocytic Nevus. (Source: Provided)

Evelyn’s disease only affects one in half a million babies. It can be deadly if it turns into Melanoma or it can even spread to the brain. But Evelyn doesn’t let that stop her from living life to the fullest.

“A couple of years ago, she [Evelyn] got to the point where kids actually asking her, ‘hey why are you dirty?’ ‘Why are you covered in chocolate?’ ‘Why do you have spots,’ that sort of thing,” remembers Behymer. “So she knows but she is a very strong willed little girl and she does a good job saying that is my birthmark, I was born this way.”

Through Nevus Outreach, Behymer and his family got to meet others with the same disease at a conference a couple of years ago.

“This was the first time Evelyn had ever seen anyone that looked like her,” explains Behymer. “She went around the room at this first event going ‘that person has spots like me!’ and ‘that person has spots like me!’ and it was so great for her to get to experience that.”

While Evelyn will not be biking beside her dad, her stuffed animal, Spot, will be riding shotgun complete with a helmet.

“He’s a little unsafe right now, but I got a helmet on order that should arrive tomorrow so we’ll get Spot a helmet and we’ll be good to go," she said.

With every mile, Behymer and Spot hope to help others like Evelyn live a more normal life.

You can donate to NEVUS Outreach at this link.

Behymer is hoping to raise $50 a mile which would be $11,000 total.

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