Campbell’s Soup delivers cans to Indiana man who refuses to leave rooftop until the Bengals win

Dedicated Bengals fan still on roof of Indiana business, waiting for win

MILAN, Ind. (FOX19) -Campbell’s Soup delivered a large amount of soup cans Sunday to an Indiana man who continues to camp on the rooftop of his bar until the Bengals win a game.

“It was pretty cool. I never expected that. It was nice of them,” said owner Jeff Lanham.

Lanham has been camping on the rooftop of the Hog Rock Café for a little over a week and says he will not come down until the Bengals win.

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“It’s been wet, hot, a little bit of everything,” said Lanham. “It’s definitely a new experience I’ve never had before.”

Lanham says being on the rooftop can be boring at times, unless he has visitors.

“When we open, I get a lot of visitors so that makes it interesting pretty much. I cleaned the roof off from the party yesterday, hung out, watched some T.V.”

The Bengals lost Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, 17 to 23. That means Lanham will remain on the rooftop.

He is hoping that the Bengals will win Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“We need A.J. Green back out on the football field. We need Cordy Glenn to man up, get back out on that field and let’s bring a win in.”

The Bengals will be playing in Cincinnati at 1 p.m.

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