Man charged in brutal murder of mother and grandfather sentenced to 120 years in prison

Man who confessed to killing mother, grandfather sentenced

DEARBORN COUNTY, Ind. (FOX19) - Cody Booth received a 120-year prison sentence Thursday in Dearborn Circuit Court following a September guilty plea on charges he murdered his mother and conspired to murder his grandfather, a purple heart recipient.

Margie Thompson, Booth’s girlfriend and a co-defendant in the case, pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in March. She received a 95-year prison sentence.

The murders occurred Jan. 17, 2018 in Aurora, Indiana.

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In court, police played Booth’s confession tape. He showed detectives how he put his mother, Faith Craig, in a headlock while she was seated on a recliner. He then showed how he stabbed her with a butcher knife.

Booth said he just held his mother while Thompson stabbed her to death. He then explained how he shoved his grandfather down a flight of stairs.

Booth said he woke up feeling ‘dope sick’ that day and began thinking of ways to get more drugs.

After killing Craig, and Walter Bryant Jr., Craig’s grandfather, officials say Booth and Thompson began gathering items to pawn. Among them were $180 from Bryant’s wallet, jewelry, Bryant’s car, multiple guns, golf clubs, televisions, and a laptop.

Booth and Thompson returned to the house where the dead bodies lay several more times over the ensuing days to gather more valuables.

Police discovered the bodies Jan. 20 during a welfare check.

Booth and Thompson separately waived their Miranda rights and confessed to the murders.

Booth’s trial was set to begin September 30, 2019. On September 26, he accepted a plea agreement to 120 years in prison, pleading guilty to conspiracy to murder Faith Craig, the murder of Walter Bryant, Jr. and also conspiracy to commit robbery.

“We were ready for the trial to begin on Monday, when this plea was reached,” Prosecuting Attorney Lynn Deddens said. “After consulting with the families of the victims, they voiced their strong approval for the plea agreement. The families of Faith Craig and Walter Bryant Jr. wanted to make sure that Booth will not be getting out of prison. This plea agreement assures them that Cody Booth will die in prison for his heinous actions.”

The sentence was pronounced Thursday before Dearborn Circuit Court Judge James D. Humphrey.

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