Hamilton City Council candidate listed as victim and suspect in assault

Hamilton City Council candidate listed as victim and suspect in assault
(Facebook/Hamilton Police Department - Ohio)

HAMILTON, Ohio (FOX19) - A Hamilton City Council candidate says he was assaulted, according to a Facebook video he released Thursday.

In the video, 41-year-old Jason Snyder, sporting a black eye and bruises above his lip, claims he was ‘involved in an incident’ where he was assaulted Oct. 10 after setting up for Operation Pumpkin, a festival held in Hamilton that weekend.

The police report lists Snyder as both a victim and a suspect.

Jason’s brother, Justin, 40, and their father, Jeffrey, 67, were both involved, as were Tim Spoonster, 64, and two 19-year-olds named David Lowell Smith and Sean Moon, according to the report.

Justin told police he had been having problems with people throwing things through the windows of his house on North Seventh Street. That night around midnight, he saw a male in a grey sweatshirt walking a black dog through his yard and went out to confront him. He says this was Smith, who lives across the street.

Justin says a Hispanic man, who was not on the scene when police arrived, attacked him with a knife and threatened him with a gun. He later corrected himself that the man was not Hispanic, but black.

The man also reportedly threatened Justin’s ‘family,’ meaning Jason and Jeffrey, who were outside as well.

Jeffrey did not say he was assaulted to police that night, but days later, after being prompted near the end of a 12-minute phone call, he mentioned he was “sucker-punched by a black kid,” according to the report.

Spoonster’s involvement and relationship to the Snyders is unclear, though he did come away from the incident with a cut on his nose.

As for Jason, who made the Facebook video, he told police on the scene he could not remember what had happened. Police reported he smelled strongly of alcohol.

A medic transported Jason to Fort Hamilton Hospital. He was discharged the same night.

Smith told police he was sitting in his car when an unnamed suspect—‘suspect #1’—came over with three other men and began pounding on it. Smith then got out of his car, after which the suspect grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him, prompting the fight.

Smith had no injuries. Moon supports his account.

The only other reference to a ‘suspect’ in the report, official or descriptive, refers to Jason being the subject of a cross-complaint by Smith.

In the Facebook video, Snyder says the assault reaffirms “how much this city needs to be investing in our police and fire in order to continue to better our neighborhoods and make our neighborhoods safer.”

Posted by Jason Snyder for City Council on Thursday, October 17, 2019

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