Multiple complaints against Avondale apartment building, city inspecting

Multiple complaints against Avondale apartment building

AVONDALE, Ohio (FOX19) - More than one Avondale apartment building is being inspected by the Cincinnati Health Department after multiple complaints.

The building is located in the 700 block of Chalfonte Place and several tenants say they’re frustrated and fed up with the conditions they’re living in and nothing has changed.

“I can’t go home. I just, I want to go home," two-year resident Brittany Waller said.

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Mold, sewage and roaches are just a few of the problems they are facing.

“They chase you out of your house," Waller said.

The building is owned by Big Reds Apartments LLC and has been since June when property owners say they took over, but since then, people say conditions have only gotten worse.

“Have you ever seen the pigs laying in the dirty mud? But there is s***, excuse me...there is feces there. I can’t say it any different, it’s nasty, it stinks, there are flies accumulating everywhere,” Waller said.

The Cincinnati Health Department confirm they’ve visited the building on Chalfonte Place multiple times and just nine days ago city attorneys arranged a big inspection of the building, but officials say they weren’t able to get into any of the occupied units because management failed to notify their tenants of the inspection.

Health Department officials say they have a total of nine complaints and several new ones that have recently come in.

They also say they have found numerous violations in the building.

In addition to the owner and property manager not responding to their tenants issues for months, Health Department officials say they have also ignored the city orders which has resulted in the department having to contact city law.

Just around the corner on Glenwood Avenue, health department officials say they’re also inspecting another problem property there, owned by the same company.

Health Department officials say since they couldn’t do the first big inspection as they wanted to, they are going to reschedule it and they’re waiting on a new date for that.

FOX19 NOW reached out to the property manager and have not heard back.

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