Father of four diagnosed with terminal cancer working on bucket list with wife and kids

Wilmington father of four battling cancer working on bucket list

WILMINGTON, OH (FOX19) - After getting a devastating diagnosis, a local father of four found out he could have only months left to live, so he and his loved ones are making the most of the time they have by creating a bucket list.

When Jonathan Frazier, a father and husband in Wilmington, got sick, he and his family member’s lives were turned upside down.

Jonathan met the love of his life, Mykayla, in 2016. They built a connection while working together, and Mykayla says, it was not long before they were a blended family.

“I had already had my oldest, and I was actually pregnant with my second oldest, and then we just hit it off from there. We got married Oct. 17, 2017," Mykayla said.

While Mykayla worked, Jonathan took on the role of stay-at-home dad.

“He’s very kind-hearted, and he puts everyone before himself," Mykayla said.

Married life has been good to them. Four months ago, they had their fourth child.

Then, out of nowhere, Mykayla says Jonathan started showing signs that something was wrong.

“He had like the numbness and tingling in his left side," she said. "His face was starting to droop very subtly.”

A cancer diagnosis, Mykayla said, came crashing into their world.

“It’s a grade three anaplastic astrocytoma. Part of it is in his midbrain, and they’re concerned that it’s partially grade four glioblastoma," Mykayla said. "The two of those have a very low prognosis.”

They tried surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to try to get rid of the brain tumor, but according to Mykayla, the treatment was too much for Jonathan’s body to take. They made the difficult decision to focus on making the most of the time they have together.

“They just said that the swelling was becoming too much and that it was not safe to treat him," Mykayla said. "It was doing more harm than good.”

In hopes of creating memories that their young children will carry with them, Mykayla and Jonathan are working on a bucket list made up of adventures and experiences they can all share with each other.

“Things that he wants to do that we used to do, like going to the zoo, going to the aquarium," Mykayla said.

At the top of the list is their most desired dream - a family vacation to Disney World.

“Just to see the look on your kids’ faces, and to be able to share a special memory like that with him there," Mykayla said.

Knowing that the Fraziers are facing financial hardships, loved ones have been finding ways to raise money to get them to Florida. There have been bake sales and T-shirt sales, and a GoFundMe page is in place.

Even strangers have been making donations, Mykayla said, becoming “Frazier Strong.”

“You never think that you’d be put in a situation like that to where you have to ask people for help, but we’ve had a lot of support," Mykayla said.

Building a bucket list does not mean the Fraziers are giving up hope. In fact, Mykayla says they never will and are hoping for a miracle.

If you want to learn more about Jonathan’s journey or make a donation, visit the GoFundMe page.

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