Scared, hungry dog found in Hamilton, officials now looking for her owners

Scared, hungry dog found in Hamilton, officials now looking for her owners

HAMILTON, Ohio (FOX19) - The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is trying to find the owner of a dog found in Hamilton Wednesday.

Michelle Jones and Rodney Johnson, who are in town visiting family, found the dog around 1 p.m. wearing a shirt with a cord tied around it.

Their family told them they’d never seen the dog before.

“She looked bad,” Jones said. “She was so sunk-in and so, like, drained of food, shaking cold. I just just felt so bad that I had to help her. I can’t let a dog sit like that. That’s cruel, and it’s so bad for people to do that.”

At first the dog would not approach Jones and Johnson. Not only was she starving and emaciated, she also seemed scared.

“She just seemed like she didn’t want anyone to hurt her anymore,” Johnson said. “She was real scared to come up to us because she didn’t want to get hurt.”

It seemed, in other words, like she might have been the victim of abuse—the very sort of abuse a new federal law aims to prohibit.

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The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture—PACT—Act, makes animal cruelty a felony. Specifically it bans crushing, burning, drowning and impaling animals, among other things.

“People who can’t take care of an animal and are going to abuse the animal shouldn’t even have the animal,” Johnson said.

Jones and Johnson don’t know if this dog experienced that sort of cruelty, but they were happy to be able to help a weary soul when they found one.

“I put my hand out and she sniffed it and licked it,” Jones recalls. “Then I knew she was going to come up and let me feed her, and I just kept feeding her little pieces.”

Eventually a Butler County dog warden came to pick the dog up. Now their mission is to find her owner.

If you have any information that could help, please contact the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

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