Who is Jenny B and why does she think I’m pregnant?

Updated: Oct. 23, 2019 at 8:17 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Women across the country are receiving cards signed by “Jenny B” congratulating them on their pregnancy. Many of the women who contacted FOX19 NOW say the problem is that they’re not pregnant.

The congratulatory card comes with several gift cards and coupons for various motherhood related websites.

Each of the gift cards is for a website affiliated with a company called Mother’s Lounge LLC.

Women FOX19 NOW heard from unsuccessfully attempted to reach the company by telephone and assumed the mailer to be a scam.

“I didn’t know anyone named Jenny B. We thought that maybe it was an accident but, I mean, my name is so uniquely spelled that it didn’t seem like it was an accident so it was really weird,” card recipient Chelcie Gette said “It was actually kind of scary.”

FOX19 NOW reached out to Mother’s Lounge LLC about the cards and received the following response:

“We are a proud Utah company that has been in operation since 2005. Hundreds-of-thousands of families in Ohio have ordered from our brands throughout the years. Mothers Lounge has mailed a heartfelt note which includes gift cards with proof of activation, and coupons to new Ohio mothers. The qualified recipients for this mailer have, at one point, subscribed to an opt-in list for maternity deals and coupons through a third party marketing company. All information from third party companies is only used internally for Mothers Lounge and is not sold or used for anything else other than the direct marketing of Mothers Lounge. We are very grateful for all our customers! Thank you for your continued support!”

Mother’s Lounge LLC is listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website but received an ‘F’ rating for a lack of response to customer complaints and alleged “advertising issues."

The BBB website alleges Mother’s Lounge gift cards to their various affiliated websites can be used to purchase items, but the gift card removes free economy shipping that is promised by the company.

The BBB submitted the following request to Mother’s Lounge LLC in March:

“On March 7th 2019, BBB contacted Mothers Lounge requesting modification or discontinuation of certain practices of the company. The practices questioned were: 1. Business is sending out “gift cards” from their different online businesses, including Carseat Canopy. These gift cards are sent in an envelope which appears to have lost its return label, when in reality that is a marketing tactic - to make the person wonder who sent the card inside. The card is signed by a “Jen” which is leading consumers to wonder who of their friends is named Jen that could’ve sent this card. BBB believes that the use of these marketing scenarios is questionable. The business also has other businesses include a sheet of the “gift cards” in their mailings. 2. When using the discount on the card for example, carseatcanopy.com, shopping for a product that is $49.95, BBB noted that if you do not use a $49.95 “gift card” the economy shipping is free. However, if the gift card is inserted, then the economy shipping increases to $11.97 (because the dollar amount for “free” shipping has not been met to get “free” shipping). BBB’s Code of Advertising, “Free” section 14 specifically under 14.1.2 states that the price should not be increased, if offering a discount. If the price is increased there is no discount, therefore the shipping is not “free,” nor is the “gift card. 3. BBB also asked that the business include information in their mailing regarding where the business is located - for instance a return name and address on the envelope or include in the information in the envelope. To date, the company has not provided a response to modify or discontinue these concerns.”

More information on the BBB’s company profile of Mother’s Lounge LLC can be found by clicking this link.

FOX19 NOW reached out to Mother’s Lounge LLC for response to the BBB’s report and to see if changes have been made since March, but have not received a response.

“Jenny B” appears to be Jenny Bosco.

Bosco is listed as the company’s 2005 founder along with Caleb Pierce.

Mother’s Lounge LLC is a Pleasant Grove, Utah based company.

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