‘I don’t think we are ever going to be good,’ family of mother, 2-year-old killed in crash near Trenton says

Family of fatal crash victims speak

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - The family of the mother and toddler killed in a crash near Trenton are still mourning their loss.

Alexa Renea Perry, 25, and Daxton Perry, 2, were killed Oct. 11 in a car accident involving another vehicle and a semi truck on Jacksonburg Rd and Route 73 in Trenton.

“I don’t think we are ever going to be good,” Alexa Perry’s sister Ariel Alexander said.

Alexander found out her sister and nephew were dead while she was at a Halloween attraction with friends.

“There’s not words that can tell how you feel when you get news like that. I know it took multiple men to get me off the ground,” said Alexander.

Alexa Perry and Alexander were only 14 months apart. She says the pain of her sister’s loss is still there and she doesn’t think it will ever go away.

“I would say emotionally we’re improving, I suppose, now that she’s at rest. More of a mourning that anxiety sadness,” she said.

The family buried both the mother and son last week. Alexander said it was a beautiful ceremony full of pink and things Alexa Perry loved.

“It was suitable for how much of a queen my sister was. She would have loved it,” Alexander said.

Alexander wants Perry to be remembered as a funny, loyal, and beautiful person.

“She was the best mom we’ve ever seen. I mean, there was no doubt that was what she was meant to do,” she said.

According to Alexander, Daxton could already count to ten and knew his A-B-Cs.

“Daxton, he only knew happiness and love his entire life — He left us as innocent and golden as innocent and golden as anyone possibly can,” Alexander said.

Alexander says her brother-in-law, the husband of Alexa Perry and father of Daxton, Dalton Perry, is still in the hospital and has a long recovery ahead.

She says he found out his wife and child were gone 11 days after the crash — the same day as their funerals — when he was extubated. He had been sedated the entire time.

Alexander said Dalton Perry did not believe his family members that his wife and child were dead.

The intersection where they accident happened is due to get a roundabout in 2020 because of how dangerous it is. Plans were in the works before their deaths.

“The most agitating feeling is to know if something was done sooner. That wouldn’t have happened,” said Alexander.

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