Street Rescue aims to get illegal guns off the street

Street rescue aims to get illegal guns off streets

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Cincinnati-area group is aiming to make the community safer by getting guns out of the wrong hands.

Street Rescue began partly due to the shooting of a 6-year-old girl in Avondale.

The group is asking not just criminals, but anyone who knows where illegal guns are stashed to bring them in, no questions asked.

They’ve collected bullets, knives, and guns.

“They know if they have one on them and they are arrested or frisked," Street Rescue founder Charles Tassell said. "They are going to jail. So they will hide them around the community they know where they are at. But they don’t want to go after them and pick them up. So we did a no questions asked way to — people know where they are at. Bring them in and get rid of them.”

The group has been around for three years and says one of their inspirations for starting the group was the shooting of 6-year-old China Kinebrew.

She lost one of her eyes after she was shot in the head and the chest in a drive-by.

“when you are tucking a 6-year-old in bed at night. and you know there is one fighting for her life and trying to survive. At some point you have to do something,” Tassell says.

Since beginning their operation, Tassell says they’ve collected around 75 guns including a .38 caliber snub nose revolver and air guns that are completely black with no orange tip on them.

“Roger mark 2 semi automatic pistol. and the serial number on it has been scratched out. Which tells us its been involved in criminal activity. It’s been stolen,” Tassell demonstrated.

“Put down the guns and pick up the gloves,” former State Rep. Dale Mallory said.

He tells some of the people who come boxing could be a way to get out their aggression, not guns.

“If you do have a problem with somebody it’s never good to fight. But it’s better to resolve your differences and walk away alive,” Mallory said.

The group says they’re doing their best to make a difference.

“I can light a candle here. Am I getting 7000 guns off the street. No. But this team has gotten over 70 off the street and that’s hopefully some lives that were saved,” Tassell said.

Everyone who brought in a weapon received a $25 gift card.

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