School boosts safety efforts after student hit, dragged by truck in Erlanger

Erlanger school boosts safety after accident

ERLANGER, Ky. (FOX19) - Authorities are working to boost safety at an Erlanger intersection after a girl was struck by a truck while walking to school.

The accident happened on Friday, Oct. 18 in an Erlanger school zone.

Since then, authorities have worked to boost safety at the intersection of Baker Street and Commonwealth Avenue, where the girl was struck.

“We were very concerned. We’ve had other students that were hit as well at this intersection. And there are a few things we’ve tried to work on," Kathy Burkhardt, Superintendent of Erlanger/Elsmere Schools, said.

The school district and Erlanger police came up with a few ideas to try to keep kids safe when they cross the street.

In the mornings, kids will use the crosswalk at Commonwealth and Baker in front of the BP gas station and Erlanger Police Department.

In the afternoons, when kids are on their way home from school, they’ll use another crosswalk at Commonwealth and Baker.

School Resource Officer Joel Shepherd says he teaches these students how to be “defensive pedestrians."

“As soon as the light went to walk, they wanted to step. We had to teach them, just because the light says you can walk, doesn’t mean you should," Shepherd said.

Recently, the city worked with the state to turn the intersection into a school zone.

The parents of the student who was hit a few weeks ago said it’s a good start.

“We made a pretty big stink and it seems to have gotten some attention,” James Napier, the victim’s father, said.

Elsmere/Erlanger school officials said they plan to station the SRO at the crosswalks in the morning and afternoon.

If he’s unable to be there, a school official will fill in for him.

Authorities remind both drivers and pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings and limit their distractions.

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