Dissolving Village of Amelia divides community

Village of Amelia is no more

AMELIA, Ohio (FOX19) - 119 years of history is now gone in Clermont County. Nearly 70 percent of voters decided to dissolve the Village of Amelia.

Despite that fact, not everyone in Amelia was smiling Wednesday in the aftermath of the vote to dissolve the village.

It’s all people are talking about at The Beauty Shop on Main Street. “It’s like they just wiped it off the map,” Sissy Benge said.

Benge is a hairstylist who’s lived in the area for 15 years. She says the majority of her elderly clients are not happy with the vote.

She says those clients are concerned about a possible increase in crime, “They’re in a total panic.”

Her clients don’t want Amelia to change. “It’s just a little comfy hometown,” Benge said.

Ed McCoy is one of the people who made the push to dissolve the village.

“I can’t believe we didn’t do this earlier,” McCoy said.

He says he did it because he was not happy with how Mayor Todd Hart and city council ran Amelia. He says he does feel bad for the police officers who will lose jobs.

“It wasn’t our intent for this to happen like this,” McCoy said.

He’s pointing those officers to surrounding agencies, “They can interview with the sheriff. They can interview with Pierce Township," McCoy said.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Pierce Township Police Department says Amelia Police will still patrol but all enforcement and investigations in Amelia will be handled by them, or the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, depending on where in Amelia you live.

Pierce Township police say they’re still waiting on more information to see how things will be handled in the future. They also say they are accepting job applications.

Putting public safety concerns aside, Benge says Amelia should retain its village vibe.

“I think the culture will stay the same. I don’t think there will be any change,” Benge said.

Half of the village is going to go into Batavia Township and the other half is going to go into Pierce Township.

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