Middletown man says he tackled burglary suspect, held him down until police arrived

Middletown man tackles man suspected of breaking into homes

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (FOX19) - A Middletown man reportedly tackled a burglary suspect and held the man down until police arrived in hopes of sending a message to criminals.

Billy Turner says he was hanging out with friends in his garage around 7 p.m. Monday when his fiancee got home and told him something he found alarming. She said a stranger was peeping around the property in the area of Finley Road in Middletown.

“They saw the guy looking in my basement windows, and she called me, and I ran out and didn’t see anybody," Turner said.

Turner says he took action right away

“I jumped in the car and go around the corner, and these other people are chasing him out of their yard," Turner said.

Neighbors reported that the man appeared to be a burglar who was trying to break into their homes.

“They said that he was trying to jimmy their locks open and looking in their windows, pulling on their windows, trying to get them up,” Turner said.

Turner says he then did what he had to do to make sure the suspect did not escape.

“He came running across the street," Turner said. "I jumped out of the car and grabbed him and slammed him on the ground, and one of the ladies said she was already on the phone with 911.”

It was not long, neighbors said before police arrived and put the man in the back of a police cruiser.

Turner said he is glad he could help and hopes what happened will send a message to anyone who is thinking about committing crimes in his neighborhood.

“I just don’t like thieves," Turner said. "If you see somebody coming in your house, you’re gonna run out and say something, and you know, I just wasn’t going to let him get away so he could do it to somebody else’s house.”

Middletown police have not identified the suspect or said if he is facing criminal charges.

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