NKU professor: Bevin ‘has nobody but himself to blame’

NKU professor: Bevin ‘has nobody but himself to blame’
Matt Bevin and Andy Beshear at one of their debates before Election Day (Source: WAVE 3 News)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear won the gubernatorial race by slim margins in Campbell and Kenton counties over Republican incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin, according to unofficial results.

Ryan Salzman, an associate professor of political science at Northern Kentucky University, attributes that to teachers and tolls.

Bevin, he notes, feuded with education groups and pushed to cut pensions for teachers. Beshear, meanwhile, recently proposed $2,000 across-the-board pay raises for Kentucky teachers.

Then, in a debate with Beshear last week at NKU, Bevin said tolls would be necessary to build a replacement for the Brent Spence Bridge.

Salzman said he thinks that likely prompted a few extra hundred people who oppose tolls to show up to the polls.

“If Matt Bevin had not mentioned tolls or insulted teachers, then he wins going away like everybody else does despite being unpopular,” Salzman said. “He has nobody but himself to blame. We have to look at the toll issue pushing it over the top."

Campbell County voted 51.78 percent for Beshear compared to 46.20 percent for Bevin.

Kenton County’s margin was even smaller: 49.48 percent for Beshear compared to 48.42 percent for Bevin.

Boone County voted 56 percent for Bevin compared to 41 percent for Beshear, according to the unofficial results.

Boone County results

Campbell County results

Kenton County results

Should Bevin want to challenge the election results here and statewide, Salzman said he can:

  • Request a recanvassing: Have county clerks check the voting machine to make sure they were working properly
  • Request a recount: Literally recount all the ballots with a judge’s oversight to make sure they were properly tallied
  • Contest the election on specific grounds for action such as voting corruption or issues with voting and petition a court within 10 days. This process would take several weeks.

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