Newport AAA prepares drivers for cold weather

Prepping your car for winter

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) -Tuesday was a busy day at Bob Sumerel AAA in Newport as people got their vehicles ready to face the cold weather for later this week.

Now is the time to get your car ready for the turbulent weather we often face in the Tri-State.

“You need to do this now to keep the maintenance on your car up to date,” explains AAA District Director, Troy Cox, “You do not want to have an issue when you’re having issues. You want to make sure that you are ahead of that curve.”

Cox says times have changed in the more than two decades he has worked for AAA.

He mentions that now there are apps drivers can use that could come in handy.

“We have the tow apps, the AAA apps,” continues Cox, “There are apps the parents can use such as the 360 app to keep an eye on where that phone is and if it’s inside your car you know where you child is or your loved one is but technology is helping us out so much.”

AAA also sells an external battery for cell phone charging and a hand crank.

In addition to equipping vehicles with these items, drivers can also do three simple things to make sure their cars are ready for winter.

“Number one check your tires, check the tire pressure make sure the tires are okay. Number two have your battery checked. The very first cold snap it is just tough on a battery and also have your fluids checked.”

Cox says it is more of a comfort thing for drivers to warm up their vehicles before driving.

“Really nowadays vehicles when you start them, newer vehicles, within 30 seconds to a minute that vehicle electronic wise and brain-wise, it’s ready to go,” said Cox.

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