Couple fears they’re victims of fraud after visiting phone store

Couple feels they're victims of fraud after visiting phone store

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (FOX19) - A Deerfield Township couple says they fear they’ve become victims of fraud after visiting a local phone store.

David and Amanda Haas say a store on Fields Ertle Road is where the incident happened. They bought the phones at the store in August, but returned to the store when they began having problems.

The Haas’ say they’ve been customers of the store and cell phone company for the past eight years.

David Haas says he was told he needed a new pin number after getting a new sim card on his phone and came up with one after discussing it with his wife.

He thinks the woman behind the counter heard the pin number he and his wife came up with.

Haas says within an hour of leaving the store, both he and his wife’s numbers were separated from their accounts.

They say they were initially suspicious, but say the fear of fraud set in when they starting getting ‘a bunch’ of phone calls.

“When I started getting phone calls from my credit card company, my bank company, my American express you name it. I am like I don’t know what’s going on. They said did you make this transaction, this transaction, this transaction,” David Haas said.

The cell phone company said Thursday evening a manager wouldn’t be available to speak about the incident until Friday morning at the earliest.

David Haas says more than $100 in local DoorDash charges have been added to his account. He also says there is activity on his account from New York and California.

In total, more than $10,000 were charged among to their account, among other things.

The Haas’ say eventually, both of their phones stopped working.

David Haas says when he reached out to he cell phone company to try to figure out what was happening and requesting the fraud department, he was told they didn’t have one.

The couple says they’re currently waiting on a response from either the Warren County Sheriff’s Office or Symmes Township Police Department where they filed a report.

“I don’t want other people to be taken. I want them to realize that cheap is not always better, because we’ve been with them for a long time," David Haas said. "We paid $90 a month, unlimited everything and didn’t have to worry about it and then all of a sudden our phones are starting to glitch, and now someone is stealing our identity.”

The Haas’ say they’ve now switched cell phone providers.

The cell phone company involved in the complain is not being named until a copy of the police report is available.

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