A chilly night then a pleasantly cool weekend

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The cold air that made today the coldest day in Cincinnati since April 1st is on the way east. Overnight a thin veil of cloudiness and winds slowly veering and becoming more southerly will stop temperatures from falling lower than t he middle 20s.

Tomorrow will be warmer than today with a high in the middle 40s. The sky will be mostly sunny with some high, thin cloudiness and a light, fresh breeze will create a pleasant, cool afternoon.

Sunday morning’s temperatures will be in the middle and upper 30s, warm enough for the day to warm into the middle and upper 50s. Cloud cover will gradually increase Sunday.

Monday is a First Alert Weather Day with rain developing during morning and changing to wet snow for the home bound commute. The snow should end shortly after midnight Tuesday with snow showers lingering into early morning. A few slick spots could develop as temperatures fall into the low 20s.

Tuesday will be blustery and cold with a few flurries and many locations will have high temperatures in the upper 20s. Look for wind chills Tuesday afternoon in the teens. By Wednesday morning low temperatures will be near record cold levels.

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