Fallout continues after Cincinnati Christian University announced closure

Students, parents, community members feeling the impact

Fallout continues after CCU announces it's closing

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - About a week after Cincinnati Christian University announced it is closing at the end of the year, students, parents and community leaders are already feeling the effects.

Learning that CCU is closing its campus has been difficult for some people to process, including seniors like Cole Kasperowicz, who thought they would be able to finish out the school year at CCU.

“They tried to tell us that this was like a historic partnership, and they really couldn’t admit the fact that they failed us," Kasperowicz said.

Kasperowicz said he is frustrated because he was on track to graduate from CCU in the spring, and now he will not be able to. Although he is preparing to transfer to another school, to him, CCU’s closure is a major setback.

“For the most part, every school has told me that I’m going to have to do at least another semester, so I’m going to have to probably take even more loans out just so I can graduate," Kasperowicz said.

Athletic programs, students say, have come to an abrupt halt too. The football team, that Kasperowicz was a part of, did not finish the season.

“Obviously we’re angry, especially us seniors, because our playing careers are over," Kasperowicz said.

CCU parents have said that seemingly small issues are starting to add up, like having to pay for transcripts for potential school transfers, or problems with the meal plan system.

One mother said she received a note from CCU’s dining services that said that even if students had already paid for a meal plan for the full semester, the only food that will be available to them for the rest of the year will be whatever is in stock.

“I’ve already had to spend a few hundred dollars this semester just on going to get food," Kasperowicz said.

For Revive City Church Pastor Kirk Kirkland, the closure leaves his church congregation without a home. He said they have been leasing space on CCU’s campus, but they have now been told they have two weeks to find a new location.

“We were hoping maybe there was going to be a partnership, and we could stay, and we could move forward, but that’s not the case," Pastor Kirkland said.

The church leader is hoping that the community will come together to support those impacted by the change.

“How do we rally together so that people who are being displaced can get help?" Kirkland said. "Our church, maybe someone has a building, or someone has a lease opportunity, or a rental in the Price Hill community or on the west side.”

Some students claim that university leaders have been trying to censor anyone who is openly criticizing them on social media.

FOX19 NOW reached out to CCU board members to ask about all of these concerns, but has not heard back.

The university posted several letters, information for students and answers to common questions on the CCU website.

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