Police say ‘serial burglars’ use blowtorch to break into fast food restaurant safes

Robbers use blowtorch to break into safe, police say

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Police in Delhi are looking for two suspects they say used a blowtorch to break into two fast food locations overnight.

Officers say the two have been targeting fast food restaurants in at least two states for a couple of years.

Authorities say they recognized the pair from other jurisdictions who contacted other departments, asking for help in catching them.

“They’ve been known to us just from other agencies trying to identify them," Delhi Police Chief Jim Howarth said.

Early Friday morning, police say the suspects broke into a Taco Bell and Domino’s Pizza on Delhi Avenue, using a blowtorch to open the safe.

“We’ve been fortunate in Delhi to not get hit by these suspects in the past, but over the last couple years they’ve definitely hit some areas around here," Howarth said.

He says this isn’t the first time the suspects have broken into popular fast food restaurants in the Tri-State area.

“We also have them as far north as Dayton and as far west as Indianapolis," Howarth said.

He says the suspects are the same people who broke into at least four Domino’s in Indianapolis last year.

“A lot of these restaurants don’t have access to the safe. You know somebody from the financial institution has to come in and remove the money from the safe from the business," Howarth said.

He says they don’t have a description of the men and they often switch cars making it hard for investigators.

“I think we just need that lucky break. Someone seeing them in the area shortly before or shortly after. As you can tell from the videos and pictures, they cover up very well. So it’s hard ti identify them when someone sees the picture," Howarth said.

If you have any information on who the men might be, you’re asked to call the Delhi Township Police Department at 513-922-0060.

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