Sharonville creates position to battle crime issues at area hotels

Sharonville creates position to battle crime issues at hotels

SHARONVILLE, Ohio (FOX19) - The City of Sharonville hired a Hotel Liaison to help reduce the amount of crime occurring at the 25 hotels in city limits.

Former Sharonville Police Lt. John Cook was hired for the advisory role after 35 years of service with the department.

“I’ve had the opportunity to go to several of the motels. I’ve gone to them twice, if not three times, a lot of them are happy that the city has taken this step,” Cook said.

So far in 2019, Sharonville Police have responded to 1,935 calls for service to hotels in city limits - that’s an average of six times a day.

Not all of those calls for service mean a crime has been committed at those locations. Those numbers may also include traffic incidents, alarms and squad runs.

Here is a breakdown of the 2019 calls for service:

These are the YTD calls for service at Sharonville hotels.
These are the YTD calls for service at Sharonville hotels. (Source: Sharonville Police Department)

“We said this is the issue that we have as a city. We have so many hotels, we have so many hotel rooms, we’re seeing some elements of crime that are coming from those but more importantly we want to be a good partner to our lodging community,” Sharonville Mayor Kevin Hardman said.

Cook will serve as an adviser to area hotels who are looking to learn more about crime prevention, what to watch for and several other tips the city feels will be helpful in maintaining a positive relationship with one of their largest industries.

“I don’t think the hotels want to bring that element in either,” Mayor Hardman said. “That’s not helping their bottom line. They want to succeed. They want people to want to stay in their hotels and nobody wants to stay in a hotel where there are illegal activities occurring.”

Between the 25 hotels in Sharonville, there are a total of approximately 3,000 rooms available for rent each night.

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