Maslow’s Army continues to demand an emergency homeless shelter from city leaders

Maslow’s Army continues to demand an emergency homeless shelter from city leaders
Maslow's Army have been camping outside of City Hall to demand an emergency shelter from City officials. (Source: WXIX)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) -Leaders of Maslow's Army continue to call for Cincinnati leaders to open an emergency winter shelter so homeless people would have a warm place to stay before December.

The group has been camping outside of City Hall since Saturday night and they say they will stay there until city leaders offer a solution.

Maslow’s Army co-founder, Sam Landis, said they are providing food, blankets, clothes, and other essentials to stay warm at their campsite “Care Center Vigil,” outside of City Hall.

James Fleming is a homeless veteran who has been living on the streets for the past four months and says it will become even more unbearable as temperatures continue to drop.

“It’s miserable. It’s hard to get a good night’s rest,” said Fleming.

The veterans say they are left to sleep on the streets because the homeless shelters are full.

“When we made our first pick up yesterday. We picked up 14 people and 7 of them were veterans from the Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines who served our country. One lady served 20 years in the Army and lost her husband to homelessness and it’s not acceptable,” said Landis.

The county responded Saturday night by allowing the group to sleep inside the Hamilton County Justice Center.

However, Landis says the city hasn't reached out.

This week the City Manager’s Office sent a memo to Council saying that the winter shelter is being renovated and will not open until December 9.

“I would like to see the city open one of these rec centers at night until December 9.”

In December 2017, a homeless man named Ken Martin, died at a bus stop in Government Square.

Landis says with limited shelter space available and with record low temperatures approaching, the city needs to make a plan of action now.

“The homeless individuals living out here on the street, they don’t check the weather. They don’t have the devices, the capability of knowing when these systems are coming in and it might be too late for them,” said Landis.

Cincinnati operates two full-time shelters in addition to the one under renovation.

Maslow’s Army says they plan to stay outside of City Hall until the city comes up with a solution to provide an emergency winter homeless shelter.

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