Man who police say made up missing girl previously charged with forgery, theft

Cordell Wigle in court

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The man police say made up a story about a missing girl was in Hamilton County court Tuesday morning.

Cordell Wigle, 19, is charged with making false alarms, a misdemeanor.

The ordeal began when Cincinnati police were notified of the missing girl, an autistic 13-year-old named Aleah Bottom, around 3 p.m. Monday. A photo of purported girl was submitted, and police spread the word on social media.

Ninety minutes later, police canceled the alert after learning the information was fabricated, and they say Wigle is the man who fabricated it.

FOX19 NOW reported Wigle told police the photo was of his ex-girlfriend, but now police say they aren’t sure of that either.

Wigle is presently involved in two other court cases in Hamilton County, where he is charged with three counts of forgery and one count of theft in addition to making false alarms.

According to his attorney, Wigle suffers from a number of mental health issues.

“Most of his diagnoses stem from an abusive childhood,” the attorney told the judge. “I don’t think he’s a flight risk.”

The court appearance disclosed Wigle, prior to being booked into jail for making up the story about the missing girl, has been staying at a group home. His attorney argued he needs to go back there.

“If he misses more than three days, they will kick him out and he won’t have a place to stay,” the attorney said.

The judge ordered Wigle released from jail, but with conditions.

“Come back to court when you’re supposed to, stay in contact with your attorney and no more trouble,” the judge said.

No word was given about when Wigle will be back in court.

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