In memory of late veteran, family assembling ‘blessing bags’ for the homeless

Ashcraft family assembling 'blessing bags' for homeless in honor of late veteran

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Family of late veteran Private Timothy Ashcraft are putting together “blessing bags” for the homeless in his memory.

Ashcraft was an Amelia High School graduate who passed away in 2017 at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

He was killed in a crash after Sgt. Andrew Marrow fell asleep behind the wheel of a pickup truck and ran into a group of recruits. Ashcraft was one of two soldiers killed in the crash, six others were injured.

His cousin, Emma Vittoz, wore his jacket to school on Monday for Veteran’s Day.

“It’s kind of hard to wake up and like see all of these people with their grandparents, their family members and their veterans… and we don’t have our veteran,” Vittoz said.

Emma and her mother are working together on this project.

“I just wanted to give them things and have it together with our families and then I wanted to kind of make it about Timmy too, so he could be a part of it,” she said.

The bags will include Ashcraft’s story and a prayer for those struggling with homelessness. The family also hopes their efforts help homeless veterans along the way.

“People tell me, what would Timmy be doing, what would he be thinking if he saw you crying right now,” Ashcraft’s Aunt Christina Vittoz said. “So, I’m trying to turn a lot of my tears into smiles and trying to put all of that into a different effort.”

The family hopes to have the bags together and ready for distribution before the Christmas holiday.

Anyone wishing to donate time or goods to their effort can visit their Facebook page.

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