Colerain Township break-in results in forged checks, identity theft, woman says

Woman says car window busted out, wallet stolen

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (FOX19) - A woman says someone tried to steal her identity after her car was broken into in Colerain Township.

The break-in occurred Nov. 7 in the parking lot of the Clippard Family YMCA on Cheviot Road.

Daniel Galbraith was in and out of the YMCA throughout the day, she tells FOX19 NOW. Around 3 p.m., she says she noticed the front window of her car was shattered.

Her wallet, which had been sitting in the car, was now gone.

“Nothing else was really messed with in the car,” she said. “It was my wallet, and that was it.”

In the aftermath, Galbraith canceled her credit and debit cards. She also filed a report with Colerain Police, and they say they are investigating.

She thought the ordeal was over with. That is, until Tuesday, when she got a call from her bank in Monroe telling her someone was trying to use her identity.

“A woman has been signing stolen checks, in my name, to her,” Galbraith explained. “So someone else is writing the checks and she was signing them.”

She says she was told the checks were stolen from Dayton.

The thief tried to get away with $1,900 before telling bank workers she was in a hurry and driving off, Galbraith says, leaving her license behind.

“(It’s) kind of nerve racking, that someone is out there, has my signature off my drivers license and is able to present herself in a way as me,” she said. “Some of the pictures look like she has short hair like me, so to put on a stocking cap and be me and commit crimes is a little nerve racking.”

Galbraith hopes this will serve as a reminder to others to never leave anything of value in your vehicle, not even for a short amount of time.

If you know the woman seen in the photo, you’re urged to contact police.

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