Companion Cuisine prepares to feed 500 people and pets on Thanksgiving

Companion Cuisine

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Companion Cuisine coordinators talk about everything from donations, activities for kids and even parking as they prepare for their 5th annual Thanksgiving meal program.

Companion Cuisine was started in 2014 after Kristina Center’s mother-in-law, Joann Centers, died of cancer.

“She was the type that would always do for everyone else,” remembers Centers, “When I saw she would prepare all of these extra plates, and all of us would deliver them, I thought, ‘Wow! I want to be like her!’ Because she was so giving.”

Centers says each Thanksgiving her mother-in-law and her family would prepare meals and deliver them to elderly neighbors and friends. To continue that tradition, Companion Cuisine started feeding 100 people, and now has 500 meals to prepare next Thursday.

The meals will be cooked at the Monroe High School cafeteria by more than 100 volunteers and hand-delivered across Butler County.

“Our motto is ‘We don’t ask anybody questions.’ If you message the page and say that you need a meal or you need 12 meals or whatever you need for your family, then we will deliver those meals as long as you’re within our delivery area,” Centers explained.

“We just want to make sure that nobody goes without a meal,” Jeff Haag told FOX19 NOW. “Like Kristina said earlier, some people don’t have meals, don’t know anybody to have meals with, don’t have anybody else, and we don’t want them to go without a meal for Thanksgiving.”

Haag is a station coordinator this year, which means people have been donating food to his home and several others too.

He says it’s been amazing to see the generosity of the community he calls home.

“You never know what you’re going to come in life,” Haag said. “Maybe one day you’re going to need a meal. If you have small kids it teaches them to give back at a young age.”

This community effort is exactly what Thanksgiving is all about—and what Joann Centers started decades ago.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit their Facebook page.

Also at Monroe High School next Thursday will be the miraculous dog, Trooper! Companion Cuisine has partnered with Catnips and Carrots to donate treats for pets on Thanksgiving.

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